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  • In-home care; many variations and levels...a specialty of mine

  • Commercial services ranging from IT to cleaning to coaching to temporary personnel

  • Child development/tutoring/recreation

  • Finance related...from taxes to ATM ownership to credit repair, payday loans and check cashing

  • Travel related

  • Real estate related

Reasons To Choose A Franchise

Most people know that franchises offer a much higher likelihood of success and profitability than starting their own business.  Getting financed is also easier as well as reselling the business.  What they may not realize is that there are other very significant benefits to consider:

You do not need to have experience in a particular field to own a successful franchise.  The franchisors train you and your key personnel and continue to support and assist you to help ensure your success.  They want you to do well so they can document your success while ensuring a steady flow of royalties to them.

I would check the market area as well as your interests and abilities and only present ideas that would excite you and work well in your preferred market area.  

The franchise industry is very carefully regulated, particularly regarding anything to do with your money or their franchisees earnings reporting.  All franchises have to report three or often four numbers for all to see.  

1. The franchise fee.  Non-negotiable but there are often discounts for multiple units and/or veterans. 
2. The cash requirement. This is the franchise fee, as well as the liquid cash needed to get started, including working capital.  
3. The total cost to get up and running.  This is almost always a range and an average.  
4. Minimum required net worth.  They do not want you cutting it too close and not being able to live or spend to get your business going. 

To say the obvious; the difference between the cash requirement and the total investment can be financed.  You need a good credit rating.

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News Regarding Franchise Benefits

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Some Franchise Categories...several of which are recession-proof and even Covid positive.

Let’s work together to transform your future and career into one focused on growth and achievement. With extensive experience in advertising and marketing and a vast history of client success, I will provide you with franchise recommendations customized to your specific skills, interests and preferred market area.
  • Food and beverages of all sorts, including gourmet foods/oils/vinegar/wine

  • Home services of all kinds from maids to decorating to repair, water damage, mold remediation, etc.

  • Clothing/retail/resale/dry cleaning

  • Retail of all kinds from hardware to batteries, bulbs and various pet products/services