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Why Franchise Over Starting Your Own Business

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Let’s work together to transform your future and career into one focused on growth and achievement. With extensive experience in advertising and marketing and a vast history of client success, I will provide you with 3 to 5 franchise recommendations customized to your specific skills, interests and preferred market area.
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First key question; why invest in a franchise rather than starting

your own business?

• Franchises are far more successful than traditional startup businesses.  Returns generally come sooner and are higher, and 91% of franchised businesses are still around, in the same location, after 5-years versus a 35% survival rate for a mom & pop start-up. (US DEPT OF LABOR DATA)

• Because of this success, franchises are easier to get financed and to resell when you’re ready.  You’re building equity, based on the nature of the business and the level of success achieved. 

• You have far more options.  You can work in one of your industries of passion or go for max ROI. A combination of the two is possible.
• You do not have to know the industry/field in most cases.  The franchisor will train you and your key people, find you the right location, negotiate the lease, set up the business, help with lead generation, social media, marketing, etc.

• Training and on-going support are just that; on-going.  It never ends and they often assign consultants or offer additional support for new or struggling franchisees.

• They help avoid the major mistakes like wrong locations, pricing, product mix, hours, etc.