Why Use A Franchise Broker

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Why use a franchise broker instead of going direct from the start?

• We know more about all this than you do, and we are neutral unlike the representatives from the franchises.  They usually represent one to three franchises; we represent hundreds and work for none of them.

• Since we are neutral, we do not care what category you wind up in or with what franchises.  We just want it to work out well for you.  Less than 20% of people who work through a broker wind up in the franchise or even field they initially focused on.

• You will have more and better choices because we know about far more franchises than you, and we know which are the best in each category and for each individual.

• We are unbiased, ask a lot of questions, verbally and in writing, and eventually get to know key aspects of you better than you do.  We know what the franchisees role is in each franchise and can generally determine which ones you would not be good at.

• We’ll let you know the good, and potentially the bad & the ugly, about each franchise or category.  Remember, we do not work for them.

• We know what franchisees in each franchise are actually supposed to be doing day to day.  It is usually not what they thought.  In-home care franchisees are not caring for seniors, their personnel are.  Smoothie franchise owners are usually not making smoothies and virtually no haircutting/salon franchise owners are ever touching anyone’s hair other than their own.  It is important to know what your role will be in your new business and what skill-sets will be needed.

• We can get to top management at the franchises far easier than you can, and ask questions and have discussions that they would never have with you. 99%+ of the people who go direct to franchisors are tire kickers and/or have no money so franchisors would much rather talk to a candidate that we bring them since we have done much of the screening ahead of time.That is our role. We are their sales force but we work for our clients.

• We also know the best funding methods, finance sources, franchise attorneys, etc. We also know what is negotiable and what is not and can tell you how to ask.

• There is no downside to using a broker, a great deal of upside, and no additional cost involved, either directly or indirectly.

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