Why Greg Stein rather than another franchise consultant?

• Far more experience than most brokers in the field, many of whom move from one industry to another hoping for a fit.  After 20+ years in advertising and marketing working with Fortune 100 companies, I made a major change to a career transition company and spent 11-years helping executives to make the right next career move.  Fourteen years ago I made another slight transition to helping people find the right next career, working for themselves, with the help of a franchisor.

• I have always had a philosophy of constant learning.  I study franchises/ franchising for several hours each week, attend an average of two webinars a week and study and call the newest franchises and categories to determine how viable they are likely to be long term.

• I joined the Business Alliance network, giving me many learning opportunities as well as access to the 300 franchises in their network.  I have also added another 50+ franchises to my portfolio by going direct to them to establish a relationship.  If none of these options meets a clients needs, I call others.  I follow approximately 1000 franchises.

• Owner/President/Senior Consultant of FreeFranchiseCounsel.com.

• Each client is treated differently and a great deal of time is spent learning as much as possible about them and their preferred geography so I can make appropriate recommendations based on their needs, wants, skill-sets, budget and expectations.  There are no shortcuts, it is a methodical process and hours of research and discussions are conducted before I am ready to present 3 to 5 concepts to my clients.

• I have an MBA in Marketing and Finance, summa cum laude.

In addition to my franchise work, I am active in my community in many areas: voter rights/registration; I am a City Hall Ambassador; provide scam counseling/avoidance to senior groups; work with the County Food Bank; and am active in the Outlawing Dirty Money efforts. I am also on the Board of the Citizens Water Advocacy Group.


Let’s work together to transform your future and career into one focused on growth and achievement. With extensive experience in advertising and marketing and a vast history of client success, I will provide you with personalized franchise recommendations based on your specific situation.
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